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Brexit, Antisemitism and Progressive Xenophobia

Contemporary antisemites are quick to produce their Jewish friends and may even be Jewish themselves. Progressive Brexit xenophobes welcome foreigners of their own class but are concerned about (what they see as) the negative effects on the “indigenous” working class of poor EU immigrants. The former see the ills of the world as being produced by runaway Jewish power, the latter (with regret) see the problems of the “indigenous” working class as caused by the presence of poor immigrants. Both have forgotten a lot of basic things we used to know and react with outrage to any suggestion their views might have racist effects.


Uber in Buenos Aires

Fearless prediction: when the first  Uber  passenger is robbed at gun/knife point (or worse) by an Uber driver the same people now celebrating its arrival in Buenos Aires will howl about the absence of state regulation of its activities.

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