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Nisman, the Iran Pact and Argentina’s Secret State

Good article this  on the Nisman murder and the pact with Iran. The writer says it’s a black hole which condenses the struggle between truth and lies which characterised the 12 years of kirchnerism in Argentina. It’s that and much more though. The Nisman murder was when the secret machinery of power in Argentina was forced to break cover for a moment and do its work in plain view. The machine is staffed by the state intelligence service and the constellation of legal and unofficial intelligence apparatuses attached to the various police and security forces with which the state is blessed, as well as those of the armed forces, obviously. But it extends beyond them and includes elements from the trade unions, judiciary, the media and political parties too. Its fundamental orientation is peronist and surveillance is primary mode of operation. You collect information on people with a certain level of power because you never know when you’ll need to put them on uder pressure.
This machinery functioned in a particularly ostensible form under the Kirchners but has always been there. Duhalde came to power with its assistance and it was a basic tool of Menemism, Alfonsín was never able to fully control it. And Macri’s administration may yet be fatally compromised by its failure to get to grips with it and his appointment of a corrupt playboy pal to run it.
Its existence is one of the principal reasons why Argentina has never made the progress as a nation that the extent of its human and natural resources would indicate it should have. Until we get to the bottom of who ordered the murder of Nisman and they pay significant personal costs for having done so, then we’ll be living in a significantly weakened democracy, with a class of people who can safely kill when its power is seriously threatened and who can negotiate impunity for the murder of 85 of its citizens.


Kamikaze Brexit

The kind of UK that will result from May‘s diamond-hard Brexit will not be kind to poor British people and British people perceived to be masquerading as British while really being something else. British Jews will not be immune from this. And the level of unkindness will ramp up as the economic shit hits the fan because it’s the actual or perceived non-British who will be blamed. And the EU will continue to be blamed too, for not conceding to Britain all the benefits of membership with none of the costs. And it looks like Sinn Féin’s decision to withdraw from the Northern Ireland Executive was predicated on this. What would have been the point of their struggling on with the DUP in the context of the UK going full nativist? And all for what?  #kamikazebrexit

Pajarita TW Nisman timeline thread


Farewell Martin McGuinness

So farewell then Martin. Your health seems to be letting you down and you’ve finally got tired of the DUP trying to turn Northern Ireland into  Protestant state for a Protestant people all over again. Small blame to you.  I guess your illness means you won’t be running for office again and that your political future, if you have one, will be to play the elder statesman in SF. No formal job but loads of influence, something like the role of Felipe González in the PSOE in Spain.

But maybe you’re for the high jump soon; we don’t know exactly what’s ailing you so it’s impossible to say. It’s been quite a life, you’ve had, no? You stood up for your people when it was extraordinarily difficult and dangerous to do so and were recognized a leader by all who came into contact with you. 22 was quite an age to be flown to London to negotiate with the Brits.

You kept faith with the armed struggle for far too long though and you countenanced horrible sectarian massacres. Unlike some others you did eventually see that it was  all leading nowhere, that it was impossible to impose sufficient costs on the Brits to make them rethink  their support for the Unionists and that the Unionists were not going to have their minds changed by killing any number of off duty UDR corporals. Some can’t get those facts into their heads even today.

There’d have been no durable ceasefire and no GFA without your personal credibility among the nationalist people to back it. And the devolved administration in NI wouldn’t have lasted until now without your pragmatic approach and personal humility, characteristics lacking in another top Republican whose name I won’t mention.

You probably won’t thank me for saying this but you remind me a lot of Arik Sharon: man of war and man peace, responsible for both foul and noble deeds, loved by (most of) your people and despised by those who’d like to see them go back to their previous condition of servitude.

So get well soon, and enjoy whatever time’s left to you.

Prediction for 2017, Number 2

 This one really should have happened this year but long delays in forming governments in Madrid and Barcelona put it back. The traditional bourgeois nationalists in Barcelona have hitched their wagon to the ultra-left and irredentist CUP. The latter are determined to force a decisive break with Madrid in 2017. The idea is to have a referendum on independence and to start setting up the institutions of an independent state. The government in Madrid has already initiated legal measures to stop this. The CUP is betting on a confrontation with the Spanish state involving the imprisonment of Catalan nationalist politicians who disobey the courts, mass demonstrations to secure their liberty and a good deal of public disorder; in the last analysis to expose what they see as the fundamentally oppressive nature of what see as “Spanish rule” in Catalonia. I would not be completely surprised if all this leads to people getting killed. Recall that leaders of the CUP shamelessly describe themselves as “the Kurds of Spain” and the like. Of course there’s no real chance of the push for independence succeeding, the government in Madrid has all the necessary powers and resources to stop it. But things might well get messy this year.

Prediction for 2017, Number 1

Motorway pile up Brexit. The Brits will fuck us over on the CTA and the GFA, not because they are bad or hate us (mainly) but because they have no fucking idea what they are doing and imagine we’ll just say “ah, sure that’ll be grand your honour” to whatever madcap scheme they propose.

Una conversación acerca del CONICET

¿Alguna vez se discutió el número exacto de investigadores que se necesita en cada área de las ciencias y humanidades en Argentina?
“¿Cómo se te ocurre pensar en términos de ‘necesitar’? Argentina necesita todos los investigadores que se puedan formar en todas las áreas para poder desarrollarse como nación y atender las necesidades de su gente, ¿no es una obviedad acaso?
Ok, ¿Cómo funciona eso exactamente?
“Tu pregunta es el reflejo de una mentalidad colonizada por el neoliberalismo….”
Claro, entonces no podemos ni siquiera hacer una estimación aproximada de lo que el país necesita. Solo hay que formar más y más investigadores y confiar en que de una u otra forma esto contribuye al bien común. Cualquier recorte que se haga en el número de investigadores que se nombran cada año está necesariamente mal.
“Bueno, yo no lo diría así pero si insistís, sí. En cualquier caso, si no permitimos que todos los investigadores debidamente cualificados que quieren hacer carrera lo hagan en el CONICET, se van a ir a trabajar afuera”
¿Y qué tendría de malo? Pueden tener oportunidades y hacer avances que no podrían hacer en Argentina. Podrían volver después y trabajar acá, y si son realmente brillantes lo que queremos es que trabajen con otra mentes brillantes para desarrollar todo su potencial, no? ¿O acaso imaginamos que en Argentina hay posibilidades de hacer investigación de avanzada en todas las áreas y en cualquier momento? Quizás deberíamos enfocarnos en las áreas en las que somos especialmente buenos y tratar de avanzar por ese lado…Se me ocurre, es solo una idea eh…
“Pero queremos que los investigadores argentinos trabajen para el desarrollo de Argentina, no el de Francia o EEUU.”
¿Y eso no sugiere la necesidad de algún tipo de cálculo de medios y objetivos acerca del número de investigadores que requiere cada área, los objetivos que deberían alcanzar en cada área de desarrollo del país, etc.? Digo, publicar X cantidad de papers por año está muy bien, pero ¿cuál es el beneficio que obtiene Argentina cuando los papers se escriben en La Plata en relación a si se esbriben en New York, Dublin o donde sea?
“Mirá, se doctoraron cientos y cientos de investigadores, y dado el contexto político de los últimos años, todos tenían expectativas razonables de entrar al CONICET y hacer carrera ahí. Ahora no les podemos decir ´perdón pero sabés qué, este año va a entrar menos gente’, sería injusto”.
La vida es injusta y las políticas de gobierno cambian, sobre todo en Argentina. Todos sabemos que la gente que se doctora en Argentina es de clase media, media alta y alta. Son personas que podrían haberse pagado sus estudios universitarios pero que no lo tuvieron que hacer porque la universidad en este país es gratuita. Van a estar bien. No creemos que lo único que se puede hacer con un doctorado es entrar al CONICET, no? ¿Y por qué jóvenes de clase media para arriba deberían tener derecho a una carrera garantizada en el CONICET si ya tienen título de posgrado? ¿No deberíamos empezar por dar prioridad, por ejemplo, al derecho a terminar la escuela primaria, antes que nada?
Enjuague y repita x 500


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