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Argentina Joins Iran in Fight Against Zionism

Yesterday the President of Argentina in her speech to open the new session of Congress  in effect publicly endorsed Iran’s state ideology of resistance to what it regards as global Jewish power. She chided Israel for, in her view, its lack of interest in the destruction of its embassy here in 1992 compared with its excessive interest in the AMIA attack; nudge nudge  wink wink, what are they trying to hide?

She also said that Jewish community leaders had participated in the cover up of the AMIA attack. As if   those leaders had a decisive effect on the actions of the Argentine state, a state run by her party when the attack took place in 1994 and for all except two years of the intervening period, and indeed, run by her and her late husband for almost the last ten years.

If you are a Jewish Argentine you now know that you can be killed with impunity, and that’s regardless of who actually blew up the AMIA.  Everyone now knows that mass murder of Jews here mainly leads to criticism of Jews and accusations against Jews.

If you are a Jewish Argentine with a public profile don’t oppose the government unless you want  to be  accused of participating in murderous conspiracies.

If you are a Jewish Argentine with a public profile and you want to get on in life now would be a good moment to start condemning Zionism and Israel. That’ll help your career a lot and you’ll feel great about yourself.

So one of the main pillars of Argentine foreign policy for the remainder of this government at least,  will be to support the efforts of Iran to attack and weaken “global Zionist power”. Think about that for a moment, if you haven’t already.


Pobre gente

Apoyo de Memoria Activa al acuerdo con Irán

La agrupación que reúne a familiares y amigos de víctimas del atentado a la AMIA manifestó su respaldo al memorándum de entendimiento firmado entre los gobiernos de la Argentina e Irán para avanzar en la investigación por el ataque a la mutual judía. Consideraron que lo acordado debe tener como fin “obtener la verdad y la justicia en el esclarecimiento del asesinato de nuestros familiares y amigos”.

Esto se llama internalización de la opresión.

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