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Responses to the Brussels Jewish Museum Massacre

Some responses to expressions of grief/rage/fear by people, especially Jewish people, arising from the murder of the Brussels Four:
“Sure, it’s very bad, but you know that [other minority groups/peoples/religions] get attacked too. It’s important not to forget that”.
“Sure, it’s very bad, but I am a [racial/sexual/religious minority member] and you would not believe the kind of shit we have to up with.”
“Yes, very shocking indeed. Two of the dead were Israelis though. We mustn’t be silent about that [there follows a lengthy exposition on The Occupation, The Settlements, The Apartheid Wall etc.].
“I am shocked and appalled by this senseless act. That said, I think we have to recognize that as Jews everywhere/we Jews are all potential Israeli citizens then they/we have a special responsibility to make clear their/our opposition to the [The Genocide against the Palestinians, Israeli Apartheid etc. etc.]”.

People who say things like this are expressing racist views, to a greater or lesser extent (you’d have to know whether they had form on this topic to be really sure about the degree). Where possible they should have this explained to them and if they don’t reconsider they should be shunned


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