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Time to Boycott Judith Butler??

I have posted the text below as a comment in response to Mohan Matthen’s post here,  which  arises from Judith Butler’s support for BDS and her speaking in favor of it at Brooklyn College in the company of Omar  Barghouti.

And by sharing a platform with Mr. Barghouti, currently a PhD student at Tel Aviv University and therefore a participant in/beneficiary of the Israeli education system, could she not be said to be breaking the very boycott she seeks to impose? Or does Mr. Barghouti get her a free pass due his support for a boycott of his own institution, and indeed of himself?

One might even go futher, by sharing a platform with what, as they would see it, is a current member of an educational body that forms an integral part of the Zionist apparatus of repression, might more radical elements of the BDS movement not be within their rights to call for Ms. Butler herself to be boycotted on the grounds that she is a de facto collaborator with Zionism?

It all gets dashed complicated when you start to think about this boycott business.


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